Summer Events are The Best Time to Cater Ice Cream Van by Nice Cream Man

Days are getting hot and snow melts, ready for a summer event. Nothing can beat ice cream treat for this kind of weather. When all have set up and ready to roll, never forget to give us a call to get our ice cream van driven to your event. Summer parties, here we come!

Why Ice Cream Van?

Remember when you were little, waiting anxiously for an ice cream van to have a round in your residential area while holding on the money your mom gave you to buy for a scoop of ice cream? Those happiness and nostalgia are the special things our ice cream van hopes to give to our customers. For your little ones, it will be a moment to remember. To have a colorful van coming to their events with great foods and yummy ice creams that they can enjoy whenever they want will be amazing. They will love it!

And summer events are all about garden parties. All in the open where kids playing and parents mingling with neighbors and guests with foods and drinks on their hands. Such a great event to remember by your guests, don’t you think?

I Want One, Give Me the Number!

Ring ring, call us and we will come. For Sydneysiders, we are ready to cater for your events. Birthday, wedding, market, gathering, or even company events, you call the shot. Just give us a call at (+61)-419-802-730 or leave a message online and we will get everything ready for you. We have the van, great foods and drink choices on our menus. So all you have to do is give us the date and pick your event’s menu from our list, just that easy.

Nothing’s better than ice cream in a van. And summer parties would never be the same with Nice Cream Man’s van at your service.

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