Blow Them All Away with an Ice Cream Van, part 2: Nice Cream Man Caters (to) The Best!

Let’s not forget what all of us at Nice Cream Man are obsessed with – the ice cream itself, and how good we like to be with the catering:

  1. It’s not just ice cream. We have all sorts of ice cream novelties for all ages. The kids get their delights in all sorts of fun shapes that they recognize and love – cartoon characters, while the adults get classy but no less yummy delicacies like ice cream sandwiches and everyone gets to dig into the hot food.
  1. Everything’s carry-friendly. Sure, there’s the van, and that’s where your guests can pick up the treats, but everything, and especially the ice cream, is wrapped into convenient potions, so they can enjoy it on the go, and catching up with their friends.
  1. Easy ordering and booking. Call us at (+61)-419-802-730 or hit us up online and we’d be happy to help you pick from our extensive menu. Our wide range of packages should cover any event needs you have, so book one and put your feet up while we busy ourselves doing our bit.
  1. Time travel. The friendly neighborhood driver in his crisp and colorful uniform, the pristine and decked out van, the menu of amazing treats served in their lively packages, and last but nowhere near the least – the deliciousness inside it all – your inner kid is going to have a blast! And your guests are going to go home with warm fuzzy feelings that aren’t going away anytime soon.

Together, the Nice Cream Van and our world-class catering ensure you have an event to remember!

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