Blow Them All Away with an Ice Cream Van, part 1: The Nice Cream Van

For every event you might have in mind, our experts have an ice cream idea that’ll be the talk of the town. With our dazzling menu and the perfect ice cream van to go with it, Nice Cream Man will make your memories even more memorable!

Right from crowd favorite ice cream delights to specialties like handheld ice cream, wrapped desserts, soft serves, sundaes, milkshakes, and packaged snacks, we’ve got everything from your dreams (of ice creams!). Plus, because we’re nice like that, we can serve your guests coffee, smoothies, slurpies and hot food like hot dogs, pies, ham and cheese croissants, sausage rolls, and more – all delivered and served to your event in a Nice Cream Van made of pure nostalgia and joy, and wheels, of course.

Speaking of the Van…

..It really is a thing to behold. Custom built for ice cream delivery, it’s in mint condition and has the eye-pleasing original vintage signage to complete the look. With every order, the can will swerve into your event with a bonus – a present-day professional driver, but suited up in a 1950s-era ice cream man uniform, and all ready to serve the eager kids and kidults queuing up for treats. We guarantee you an old-timey second-take – even if this is the first ice cream van you’ve ever laid eyes on in your life! Assuredly, it doesn’t get a lot better than this, does it?

In the next part, we’ll see why our catering tops even the van!

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